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Our vision is to make collaboration simpler, providing everyone with access to a free instant conference call service that works anywhere.

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It just works

Amazing service, I can't recommend it enough. Definitely the best conference calling service out there.

Steve Richardson, London

Simple visual interface

ConferenceLabs' simple visual interface allows you to view and manage calls in real time
Use our beautiful web interface to view conference calls in real time. Manage your calls with simple graphical icons to mute, 'earmuff' and drop callers.
See everyone on your call with visual caller-id. Get notified when callers join and leave your conference. Sync with your contacts for full social profiles.
See the current speaker at any time, highlighted in our graphical user interface.

Advanced features

Instant conferencing

Sign up with one click.

We’ll activate your account instantly, you you can start your call in seconds.

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No contracts, no fees

Free conference calling.

All our services are free and unlimited. You only pay for the cost of the phone call.

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Dial in with any phone

No software required.

ConferenceLabs works everywhere, on any platform. You can even use a phonebox.

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Enjoy complete control

Premium features included free.

Mute callers, add ‘earmuffs’, and more! It’s all under your control.

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Customise greetings

Personalise your conference.

Create your own custom greeting to welcome callers.

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Record and save calls

Detailed call statistics included.

Record, save and download calls, complete with participant logs.

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ConferenceLabs makes conference calling easy. Set up is immediate with 1-click, and conferences can be viewed in real time via a visual interface.